The "switch stance" is very difficult for most boxers, especially recreational boxers who tend to favour one side of their brain/body.  Switching sides seems nearly impossible... in practice, this methodology can be very effective. On Saturday, the 24th of September, Bermondsey Boxing Club will host a Masterclass dedicated to learning the Ingle switch stance method.  Not only will we gain invaluable knowledge about the "hows", but we'll learn about the "whys" of the Ingle Method, first hand.  Johnny Nelson, former world cruiserweight champion and Ingle Gym alumnus, will help explain and demonstrate the unique boxing style, as well as the rituals that underscore Brendan Ingle's successes.

PS - We plan to cajole Johnny into a much practiced rendition of "Colours of the Rainbow".  If you'd like to participate (which you should b/c it will earn you brownie points), here are the words.  Please do practice in advance!

 A Q&A panel, led by Dr. Peter Olusoga, will follow thereafter. Olusoga, a chartered psychologist, will explore the mental aspects of professional boxing and strive to bring those insights to light.

Three options are available to you: 
1.  Attend the Masterclass. £100
2.  Attend the Masterclass + the Q&A Session for free. £100
3.  Attend the Q&A Session. £10
In all cases, please register online (, purchase your preferred option, and book on in!